Mar 24, 2019 · As third option the table includes Kantu, a computer-vision and AI powered lightweight RPA tool. In addition to comparing Sikuli and AutoHotKey, the table above contains the Kantu specs, a popular lightweight alternative that works visually and supports Mac and Linux, too.
Download AutoHotkey Latest Version - Setting up automation, hotkeys as well as scripting configurations and taking care of recurring tasks is actually simpler because of this intuitive function, AutoHotkey is actually an open-source scripting language that permits you to set up keyboard, joystick as well as computer mouse controls in a straightforward environment.
Also derived from the original like Apache Open Office, these two open-source Excel alternatives are quite similar. In fact, it’s an alternative to the whole Microsoft Office app bundle, not just Excel. Excel features like pivot table and text to columns are also available in LibreOffice but it lacks extensive formatting.
AutoHotkey_L. AutoHotkey_L is popular computer software. The program has some advantages over other similar tools. AutoHotkey_L is used on huge number of computers around the world. There is a ready to use alternate to AutoHotkey_L program. It is Touchpad Blocker software product.