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Korra and Asami are now officially in a relationship. Well, kinda officially. The only one who knows about their love is Iroh, who encourages the two lovebirds to tell everyone about their love. So Korra and Asami go and tell their loved ones about them. Update minimum: twice a week! Tags: korra, sami, korrasami
Korrasami fic. + After a few weeks of engaged bliss, the extended Krew got together for one of their semi-regular hang-outs. Usually, only Korra, Asami, Bolin, Mako, and significant others were present for these events, but with the betrothal, everyone from Tenzin to Suyin to Meelo had been invited to come.
A series of stories, each less than a 1000 words, celebrating the Korrasami Week 2015 prompts! Day one - Thursday, September 17th: Flowers Day two - Friday, September 18th: Hair Day three - Saturday, September 19th: Internet (girl)friends (AU) Day four - Sunday, September 20th: Lips Day five - Monday, September 21st: Modern day Day six ...