Clear Varnish World Famous, highest quality marine spar varnish. Manufactured with tung oil, U.V. filters, phenol and alkyd resins for superior protection. Rubbed Effect Varnish Gives a rich hand-rubbed look for beautiful interior protection. Wood Finish Gloss High build, hard varnish like finish without sanding between coats.
OLD MASTERS 92304 Spar Marine Varnish, Satin. We have decided to keep OLD MASTERS 92304 Spar Marine Varnish on our list of choices. It is a kind of oil-based varnish that makes the objects glossy and protects them from external damage. The manufacturers have formulated it as an exterior coating with tung oil and U.V. absorbers.
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Spar Varnish Spar or marine varnish is a complicated product consisting of oil, solvents and thinners, resins, dryers and additives. By varying the ratios of the elements and by blending UV inhibitors and different secret components, manufacturers create varnishes with widely varied features.